Archie's Story

We are super humbled to announce that our amazing and absolutely wonderful Nine Telethon ambassador for 2022 is… *drum roll please*… the incredible Archie ! 


Archie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) in June 2020, after his parents noticed his colour was a little off, and that the lymph nodes on the back of his head were inflamed. Archie is receiving ongoing treatment for ALL at Queensland Children’s Hospital, including chemotherapy and countless procedures, including lumbar punctures. 


Archie has a twin brother, Marty, and it was incredibly difficult for them to be separated during Archie’s treatment, particularly as the uncertainty of the covid pandemic unfolded around them. His parents cite the first two weeks in hospital as the hardest, especially as Archie’s dad’s side of the family are all the way in Ireland, separated by not just oceans, but border closures too. 


To learn more about Archie’s story, and find out how he’s doing (not to mention what mischief he is causing with his twin brother, Marty), tune in to Telethon on April 23.