Research at Mater

Most Mater Research clinical trials in the Mothers and Babies area are investigator led or collaborative trials, meaning they receive little or no grant funding or sponsorship.

Many of the research staff work part-time balancing a clinical and research role. Supporting research enables more research nurses and midwives to dedicate more time to supporting vital research projects, so more of Mater’s mothers and babies have an opportunity to be part of ground-breaking research—all leading to better outcomes for our tiniest patients.

Examples of current mothers and babies research at Mater includes:

  • Research  to determine the best type of airway support (resuscitation) at birth, and to trial new designs for oxygen masks to better fit tiny babies.

  • Large preliminary research to protect against neurological damage, such as cerebral palsy, in premature bubs.

  • A trial to identify the best method of giving blood transfusions to fragile premature bubs born less than 28 weeks gestation.

  • Work to develop new maternal blood tests using sensitive DNA techniques to determine the baby’s blood type during pregnancy and assist with pregnancy management.

  • A study to follow up the outcomes of extremely premature bubs (born <28 weeks gestation) to determine the rate of neurodevelopmental disability.

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