Your impact

Through the generosity of the community to the Nine Telethon, Mater has already been able to enhance its equipment across Queensland to ensure positive health outcomes for mothers and babies.  

Specialised equipment plays a vital role in ensuring that the 2,000  very ill and premature babies born in Queensland each year have the best possible start to life. 

Some of the life-saving pieces of equipment that the 2024 Nine Telethon has already provided includes:

Bili Blankets

Phototherapy blankets that provide treatment for jaundice without babies having to be placed in a humidicrib, ensuring parents maintain the ability of touch.

Panda iRes Warmers

A special heated table designed to optimise care during the provision of resuscitation and urgent treatment to babies born prematurely.

Rotation Baby Cribs

The innovative baby crib allows newborns to be closer than ever to their caregivers, enabling safe sleep practices from day one.

Kanmed BabyBeds

These baby beds facilitate care for premature babies. Ideal for those having long term stays in the Neonatal Critical Care Unit, they feature electrical height adjustment, heated water mattress and unique ‘push down’ side walls for easy access for clinicians.

MFM Ultrasound Machine

An ultrasound machine supporting the best maternity care to mothers and babies whilst providing clinicians with state-of-the-art equipment.

Giraffe OmniBed Incubator

The Giraffe OmniBed features an innovative design that transitions between an incubator and a resuscitation warmer, allowing the smallest and most premature babies to remain in the same bed from birth up to two weeks of life.

CTG/Fetal Monitoring Machines

The monitoring machines of mothers and babies in labour is essential to facilitate escalation of issues and ensure the safe arrival of newborn babies.

MR950 Humidifiers

A specifically designed humidifier with a neonatal operating mode for respiratory support for tiny babies.

Thank you, Queensland. The funds raised through the Nine Telethon are absolutely crucial. They allow us to continue our groundbreaking research and to continue advancing care for all of the mothers, babies and families that we look after at Mater, but not only now, but also into the future.


Kerri Gane, General Manager, Mater Mothers’ Hospitals